The fundamental idea behind making feminized hemp seeds, also known as masculinization, is to induce a female plant to produce male blooms that carry viable pollen. Pollen from the male flowers that have been induced can subsequently be utilised to fertilise female flowers. The fertilisation procedure results in female plants since the pollen is generated from a plant that only possesses the female chromosome.

Masculinization is the process of deliberately stressing a female cannabis plant so that it produces male flowers in response to a threat to her genetic lines. Disrupting its light cycles and introducing heat are some of the stresses used. However, these procedures aren’t 100 percent reliable, especially if they’re used by persons who don’t have the necessary degree of expertise.

Fortunately, in recent years, improved and more dependable breeding procedures have been created. This simplifies the masculinization process and ensures better outcomes. The employment of chemicals such as silver nitrate, gibberellic acid, and silver thiosulfate is one of the most reliable methods.

The generation of acetylene in plant tissues is inhibited by all of these substances. The hormone ethylene is responsible for floral production. Without it, flower production will cease, and the plant will instead produce male flowers.

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