Did you know kratom strains are quickly becoming an incredibly sought-after natural derivative?  It’s all due to its many exciting effects derived from its powerful and bioavailable alkaloids.  Kratom can seemingly do it all, from alleviate physical discomfort to offer feelings of euphoria, and even play a role in our daily energy levels.  But, there are a lot of kratom products on the market, and each one has its own effects as well as its own potency level.  Two of the most important things to consider when selecting a kratom product are the strains of kratom and the delivery method.  Both of these heavily influence how strongly you feel the effects that you’re looking for, and there are lots of options out there for a fully customized kratom Tabletas.

What is Kratom Strains?

The strain of kratom is based on its alkaloid composition, and where the kratom tree grows naturally has a strong influence on the alkaloid composition of its leaves.

In general, kratom strains are broken down into 4 categories, with each category being based on the color of the vein of the leaf.  Within each category is a variety of individual strains that have nuanced differences related to potency, effects and bioavailability.

Category #1: Green Strains

Green strains are the mildest strains, and are great for beginners.  They tend to create a general sense of ease that’s very soothing to the body and mind, with more mellowing effects that can help make a person feel like they can unwind.  The potential analgesic qualities are also the mildest in green strains, and they’re the least mind-altering as well.

Examples of Green Strains:

  • Green Bali: Known for being beginner-friendly, since it’s mild and mellow, and can make you feel less stressed out without making you feel either stimulated or sedated.
  • Green Malay: Known as a long-lasting strain in terms of its effects, and is a bit more potent than Green Bali, offering a mood-lifting effect that can last for hours.
  • Green Borneo: Can enhance your focus and concentration while making you less reactive to stress. It’s also one of the better analgesic strains of the green vein variety.

Category #2: Yellow Strains

Yellow strains are next up on the potency list, and they’re known for being balanced, being great for uplifting the mood while also making a person feel less stressed out.  Their main use is for mood, so take that into account if you’re looking for something more geared toward physical discomfort.

Examples of Yellow Strains:

  • Super Yellow: One of the most potent yellow strains, and people say that its effects are all about the euphoria, without overstimulating the nervous system.
  • Super Bali Gold: A mildly psychoactive strain that helps release tension in the body, and also makes the mind feel more tranquil.
  • Maeng Da Yellow: Probably the best yellow strain if you’re looking for something for physical discomfort, but still want the more balanced, euphoric effects of a yellow strain.

Category #3: White Strains

Next, we have white strains, which are more potent than yellow.  These strains are more energizing, and not the best choice for nighttime.  They can offer powerful euphoric effects while helping you feel more alert and focused.  If you’re dealing with burnout or you’re just feeling sluggish, a white strain can go a long way.

Examples of White Strains:

  • White Thai: Both very potent and long-lasting, and even seems to be the white strain of choice for those wanting physical relief. Also promotes increased motivation and a great boost to the mood.
  • White Borneo: White Borneo is one of the more “boosting” strains, which can give you a nice skip to your step that helps you take on the day. What’s unique about this strain is that high doses of it can behave in the opposite way, making a person feel very, very mellowed out.
  • White Indo: White Indo is an easygoing strain that can lift your mood and make your body feel nice and eased, without being overwhelmingly stimulating.

Category #4: Red Strains

Finally, we have red strains, which are by far the most potent, and the most likely to cause mind-altering effects.  Best for experienced users, they feel very strong and are the most uplifting strains of all.  Also perfect for those people with more advanced physical needs thanks to their high level of analgesic alkaloids.

Examples of Red Strains:

  • Red Horn: Easily one of the most potent strains of all-time. Plus, can be powerfully useful for physical complaints.  It also produces some of the strongest euphoric effects, which can feel psychoactive.  A little really goes a long way.
  • Red Bali: Actually, quite a mellowing strain, and one that a lot of people prefer to take at night. It is great for physical discomfort, but also for shutting the mind off after a long day.
  • Red Borneo: One of the most sought-after strains specifically for physical relief. Its high concentrations of analgesic alkaloids make it a favorite for this purpose.

Which Delivery Method Will Give Me the Strongest Effects of My Favorite Strain?

Now, we’ve gone over the various strains that are out there, and shown which ones promise the most potent effects.  So, let’s cover how to get the strongest effects out of the strain of your choice, by picking out the most potent delivery methods.  As you’ll see, each delivery method offers its own potency level based on how it absorbs into the body.further more information visit gofarma.com

  • Shots: The most potent choice for kratom lovers. These are highly concentrated liquid shots that are “thrown back” like any liquid shot, and the water-soluble nature of the extract allows them to absorb into the body quickly, with powerful properties.
  • Capsules: By contrast have the lowest absorption rate, and what they lack in potency and onset time, they make up for in long-lasting effects which can go on for several hours. Great for enjoying a more manageable kratom experience that stays active for the duration of the day.
  • Tinctures: Absorb below the tongue, through the sublingual tissue. This allows for an absorption rate that’s about split between shots and capsules, offering something of a middle ground.
  • Powder (Tea): There’s also kratom powder, which is usually consumed as a tea, although it can also be added to food and beverages. Its effects are less potent than shots due to the much lower concentration, but the absorption rate is quite fast.

Choose Your Kratom Potency Level by Selecting the Perfect Strain and Delivery Method Combo

To really maximize your kratom experience, you’ll want to be very mindful of the strain you choose, as well as the delivery method.  Understanding how both of these things can influence your results allows you to get the kratom effects that you want so that you can fully reach your goals.