Can Kratom Help Anxiety and/or Depression?

About one in four Americans suffers from a mental health disorder, with anxiety and depression being the two most common by far.  Though two separate disorders, they share a lot in common, and a large number of people suffer from both either simultaneously and intermittently.

We’ll be taking a deeper look into these disorders and talking about why more and more people are turning to kratom in an effort to find relief.  Also, talk about all of the things that you should know if you’re interested in trying kratom for these types of mental health disorders.

The Science Behind Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and depression are both conditions that result from an imbalance of neurotransmitters in the brain, which are hormone chemicals that influence our state of mind.  But the neurotransmitters affected are different depending on the condition.

Anxiety is a disorder that revolves around a sense of uneasiness and fear in response to ultimately harmless stimuli.  The same chemicals that released during moments of intense stress or shock are released consistently in a person who has anxiety, making them feel a sense of impending doom when nothing is in fact a threat.  

Depression, meanwhile, is a mental health disorder in which serotonin levels are depleted.  Serotonin is a neurotransmitter responsible for feelings of happiness and motivation, and those who are depressed feel a sense of overwhelming discontentment, and often lack motivation, energy and drive due to hormonal imbalance.  

Both of these disorders can exist at the same time, and many people who have one disorder will experience the other from time to time.  This largely has to do with the fact that both disorders can share common causes.  Trauma is the most common culprit for both disorders, as it changes the structure of the brain in a way that changes how neurotransmitters are arranged and secreted.

Further, both of these conditions can be caused by physiological factors including poor nutrition, poor sleep and burnout caused by overwork.

How Anxiety and Depression are Usually Treated

Both anxiety and depression are treatable disorders, and symptoms can be managed through various means.  It’s important that you see a mental health professional who can diagnose you and suggest a treatment plan according to your needs and circumstances.

Generally, treatment for mental health disorders have two different approaches: medication and therapy.  Medications for both anxiety and depression exist, and may be extremely effective, but due to their generally addictive nature, some people choose the latter option.  Therapy involves meeting regularly with a therapist and working on proactive solutions to combating the emotional and psychological symptoms of these disorders through changes in routine, habit and thought processes.

Using Kratom for Anxiety and Depression: Can it Help?

Many people associate kratom with pain relief, as it’s been compared to opioids due to its effects on pain receptors in the brain.  However, more people are finding that kratom is helping them manage their anxiety and depression symptoms as well.  Research on this topic is limited as kratom is still a fairly new product on the U.S. market, but there are findings that point to its effects on mood via changes in the way in which neurotransmitters are secreted.

As kratom influences the nervous system in an effort to combat pain, it’s not surprising that its properties may also play a role in mood regulation.  The alkaloids in kratom suppress certain brain functions that respond to pain, and many of these functions overlap with emotions as well.  Therefore, kratom may potentially act as an effective numbing agent to the mood changes associated with both anxiety and depression.

Choosing the Right Vein

If you wish to use kratom for anxiety or depression, it’s very important that you know the different types of kratom products that are available today.  First, you must decide on the vein.  The vein of kratom refers to the color of the leaf vein, and the color indicates the species of the plant.  You can choose from red, green, and white, with red being the most popular, and seeming to have the most powerful impacts on mood.  White kratom is more associated with stimulating effects, which may also be useful to depression patients, while green kratom may offer uplifting properties as well.

Selecting the Ideal Strain

From there, you need to choose a strain within the vein that you have selected.  The strain is essentially the breed of the species, as each one has a slightly different chemical composition.  Many people with anxiety and depression experiment with various strains before choosing the one that suits them best, as there is no one-size-fits-all approach due to the differences in brain chemistry from one person to the next.

Knowing the Right Dosage Level

Choosing the right dosage level is especially important, because taking the wrong amount could give you zero effects, or paradoxical effects.  Go with the suggestion from the manufacturer, and if you’re feeling extra cautious, take a slightly smaller amount just to get a gentle idea of how kratom feels in your system.

What Should You Know Before Starting a Kratom Routine?

If you wish to start a kratom routine for anxiety depression, here are the things that you should know beforehand.

Talk to Your Doctor

Before trying to treat a disorder with kratom, you must speak with your doctor, who can help you come up with a plan based on your needs and medical history.

Start Slow

Always start with only the suggested dose once a day until you get used to kratom’s unique effects.  Starting out with too much can lead to negative side effects, and everyone has their own individual tolerance level.

Seek Out Top-Quality Kratom

Make sure the kratom you select comes from a trusted brand and has been tested for purity and authenticity.

Be Mindful of Other Things You’re Taking

Before taking kratom, check to make sure that any other supplements or medications you are on are compatible with this product.  Tell your doctor what you are currently taking to avoid a negative interaction between kratom and another substance in your system.

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Final Thoughts 

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Can kratom help anxiety and depression can be crippling disorders, greatly interfering with one’s quality of life and ability to maintain a functional daily life.  Many treatments are available for these disorders, and we’re starting to find that kratom may act as a natural option.  If you wish to try kratom for your anxiety or depression, speak thoroughly with your doctor, and use only the highest-quality choices you can find.