Kratom Dosages, When it comes to kratom most of us spend a lot of time focusing on choosing the right product and strain in order to satisfy our unique needs.  But product selection is only half the battle.  As you may know, kratom’s effects are largely dosage dependent.  Therefore, knowing how much to take per dose has a lot to do with how you’ll feel.

Why the Kratom Dosages Matters

We said that kratom’s effects are very dependent on how much you take per dose.  This is actually truer about kratom than a lot of other natural products of a similar nature.  That’s because users have found that the effects of kratom aren’t just stronger in high doses, but different as well.

One thing that keeps coming up from kratom enthusiasts is that low doses of kratom tend to be more energizing, offering more mental clarity and exhilaration, while higher doses make them feel calmer and more sedated.  While this unique nature of kratom is yet to be proven scientifically, we’ve heard it enough anecdotally to consider that it’s highly plausible that this is the case.  Therefore, the amount you take may determine whether or not kratom is truly capable of meeting your unique goals.

Another aspect, of course, is that how much kratom you take determines how potently you feel it in your body. 

  • Taking a dose too low can leave you feeling disappointed, because it’s not producing the effects that you had been hoping for.
  • Taking a dose too high could lead to unwanted side effects, and so monitoring how much you take is actually very important.

Milligram Strength Makes a Difference

There are basically two types of kratom products: pure kratom products, which contain only kratom leaves, and products that contain kratom that has been diluted.  This is why before you consider the appropriate dosage, you should check to see what the milligram strength of the product that you’re taking is.  Obviously, a high dose of a highly potent product is different from a high dose of a product with a low milligram strength.

Read What the Manufacturer Has to Say First

Most kratom products come with instructions for use on the packaging.  This is a guide as to how much you should take per sitting and is based on the manufacturer’s understanding of the nature of their product.  When deciding on a dose, use this information as your guide, as many prefer to start with the suggested dosage and then adjust it as needed later on.

Speak to Your Doctor

It’s wise to talk to your doctor before starting a kratom routine, as he or she can help you figure out the right amount to take.  Also, if you’re currently taking any other medications, this may affect the dosage that is appropriate for you, which is just another reason why speaking to your doctor is a smart idea.

Strain Type May Make a Difference

Different strains contain different levels of specific alkaloids in kratom, meaning that some strains may feel more potent in the body than others.  Consider which strain you are taking before choosing an appropriate dosage.

Mild vs. Moderate vs. High kratom Dosages When Consuming Kratom Orally

Most kratom products found on the market are consumed orally, containing kratom powder, which is the ground up, dried leaves of the Mitragyna speciosa tree.  Oral kratom products include tea, capsules, and beverages.  You can also buy pure kratom powder which you can dilute into the liquid of your choice.

If you’re taking kratom via this manner, then it’s fairly easy to determine the right kratom dosages.  2 grams is considered a low dose, 4 grams is considered a moderate dose and 8 grams is considered a high dose.  A single teaspoon of pure kratom powder is about 4 grams, so use this as your guide.

Vaping Kratom

We’re starting to see kratom-based vaping products hit the market.  These products dilute kratom into a liquid formula that can be vaporized.  How much you should take depends on the unique strength of the e-liquid.  But, with these types of products, we recommend starting with just one puff and waiting about 15 minutes to see how you feel.  This allows you to slowly adjust to the way in which kratom makes you feel when absorbed via inhalation.

Using Kratom Topically

Using kratom topically is unique in that the kratom doesn’t really absorb that much into the internal body but stays centralized to the area onto which you applied it.  This means that you can likely be more liberal when it comes to how much you use per dose.  Use enough to adequately cover the affected area and massage it well into the skin so that it fully absorbs.

Using Kratom as a Tincture

Kratom tinctures are different from other oral products because they absorb through the sublingual tissue rather than via ingestion.  This means that they are, by nature, more potent.  Therefore, if you’re using a kratom tincture for the first time, you may want to start out with somewhere between 1 and 3 grams depending on how strong you’d like the tincture to be.  Fortunately, most companies that make kratom tinctures formulate the products so that each dropper’s worth is a moderate dose.

How to Increase or Decrease Your Dose

If you plan to change your kratom dosage, we strongly recommend that you do so in exceedingly small increments.  This allows the body to adjust to the change gradually and prevents you from ending up taking too little or too much at one time.

Final Thoughts

Without a doubt, the dosage level of kratom that you take has a lot to do with whether or not you have a successful experience with the product.  While there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to determining the right dose level, it is easy to safely experiment until you find what works for you.