Many people who are just getting into kratom come across maeng-da powder, and are unsure as to what it is, and whether or not it’s even kratom at all.  Maeng-da is, in fact, a specific type of kratom that is becoming the preferred choice among many that desire the unique properties for which the kratom leaves are known.

So, we’ll take an in-depth look into this unique type of kratom, and explain why it can offer a unique experience full of potential in terms of desirable results.

What is Maeng-Da Powder?

Maeng-da powder is a form of kratom powder that is known for its uniquely high potency, which comes from the way in which it is harvested.  It largely from Thailand, which many believe is the capital of the kratom industry.  Here is where a large portion of kratom exports take place, and where farmers are incentivized to produce kratom of an extraordinary quality to meet growing demand.  However, technically, it originates from Indonesia.

This type of kratom was first cultivated with the intention of offering something that can provide as much of an energy boost as possible, and it’s said to be the result of an urgent need to develop something to keep energy levels stable in the intensely high heat of the region.  It comes from a farming technique known as grafting, which involves combining tissue of different plants in order to produce a new strain that blends together different desirable plants from individual breeds into one strain.  The result is a stunningly potent product which offers higher levels of specific desirable alkaloids including mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine, which offer effects on mood and pain respectively.

Maeng-da powder is the result of grinding up the leaves of this particular tree, after the veins have been removed.  The leaves are dried and ground into a powder which allows for an easier means for administration.

Maeng-da powder usually comes in the form of a red strain, meaning that the leaves from which the powder is derived have a red vein.  But, it can be made with green and white veins as well, although they are less popular.

What Can Maeng-Da Powder Do?

Maeng-da powder’s effects are not as widely studied as we’d like them to be, largely because it has yet to become a big industry in the Western world.  But, what we do know is that it offers significant potency compared to other breeds of the tree, which is the result of deliberate farming techniques.  Almost anything that you wish to use kratom for, you’re more likely to get those desired effects with this breed due to its strength.

One noticeable difference between maeng-da powder and other kratom breeds is its stimulant effects.  Users by and large report that they feel more energized after taking this type of kratom than any other.  Most users say that the stimulant effects are pleasant rather than unnerving, as some stimulants can make people feel on edge.  This product seems to offer stable and invigorating stimulating effects that don’t produce the jitters.

But, like other types of kratom, maeng-da powder seems to boast calming, uplifting and pain-relieving properties thanks to its unique levels of alkaloids which are responsible for these effects.

How Can a Person Use Maeng-Da Powder?

It’s always wise to talk to a doctor before using maeng-da powder in a routine manner, just to make sure that it doesn’t conflict with any current medications, and that you are taking it in the manner most conducive to addressing your needs.  It’s also extremely important that you choose your product wisely.  Sadly, there are a number of products on the market labeled as maeng-da powder that don’t actually contain this breed at all, instead coming from a completely different strain of kratom.  Further, some maeng-da powder on the market may be cut with something, or could be past its expiration date, which greatly reduces its potency.

This is why you should only buy your maeng-da powder from a trusted source, such as a supplier that has a strong reputation throughout the kratom industry, and employs some type of testing to ensure that the product is legitimate, high in quality, pure, safe and effective.  Online reviews are a great resource, as you’ll find people sharing their experiences with the product which can give you a solid indication into the effectiveness and the quality of the kratom.

Once you have found the right maeng-da powder product, you can use it in a few different ways.

As a Tea

Many people like to use kratom powder as a tea, by inserting the powder into an empty tea bag and allowing it to steep in hot water.  This allows the kratom to enter the system quickly.

As a Smoothie Additive

Another option is to add your dosage to a smoothie, which can help mask the taste of kratom which some could find very strong.

As a Capsule

You can purchase empty capsules online and fill them with maeng-da powder if you wish to take kratom this way.  Just make sure that you put the proper amount in each capsule and fill them consistently so that each dosage gives you the same experience.

Dosing Maeng-Da

Understandably, the biggest question we get regarding maeng-da kratom is how much to take.  Our products come with clear dosing instructions so that users know the right daily amount to experience the desired effects.  Note that higher doses could make you feel too stimulated or too sedated, depending on the particular strain as well as your body’s unique reaction to the alkaloids in the plant.  And, you need to avoid taking very high doses as they could potentially produce unwanted side effects of a more serious manner.

Maeng-Da Powder from Gold Dust Kratom

At Gold Dust Kratom, we offer one of the highest-quality Maeng-da powders on the market.  We employ a rigorous testing process to ensure maximum quality and store it in a manner that preserves its freshness so that its potency can remain intact for a long time.  Our maeng-da powder combines red, white and green veins so that users can experience a more balanced and well-rounded form of kratom, and we combine the raw powder with 20% pure kratom extracts to ensure that the potency level is excellent.  We sell it in bulk, which allows you to stay within your budget while stocking up.

This Kratom is as #ffective as the Bigger Brands of Kratom Out There

Maeng-da powder is a unique form of kratom that can give you stronger effects thanks to the unique way in which it is bred.  It’s great for those looking for more prominent effects on mood, pain and energy levels.  At Gold Dust Kratom, we offer some of the finest maeng-da powder around, and its quality level ensures that you can trust it as you incorporate it into your routine.