Did you know more people are discovering that kratom offers exactly what it is that they’ve been looking for from a holistic, natural plant-based product?  Well, now you do.  Derived from evergreen leaves in Southeast Asia, kratom is a fascinating plant rich in alkaloids that may offer improved energy, improved mood, relief from physical discomfort and much more.

But, not all kratom products are created equally.  There are all kinds of product types on the market, and each uses a specific delivery method that determines how the alkaloids absorb into the body, which informs how potent the effects are, how long they last and how quickly they come on.  On top of that, there are many different strains of kratom out there, and each one promises specific effects that make it unique.

Of the most popular types of kratom products out there are kratom shots.  And, at Gold Dust Kratom, we offer a variety of kratom shots that highlight different effects associated with the plant.

So, which one should you choose?  Let’s find out.

What is a Kratom Shot?

A kratom shot is a highly concentrated beverage “shot” which is drank within a short period of time.  The water-soluble nature of a kratom shot aids in its absorption, offering strong, fast-acting effects.  They usually contain minimal ingredients, mainly consisting of pure kratom leaves that have been dried, ground up and infused in liquid.

Choosing the Right Kratom Shot as a Beginner

At Gold Dust Kratom, you’ll find that we have a generous selection of kratom shots available, each with its own unique strain of the leaf.  But, if you’re a beginner, then you likely have no idea which shot is right for you.  Because the effects of kratom can vary so much between different strains, it’s important to know what each shot has to offer so that you can select the one most likely to help you reach your goals.

Liquid Gold Kratom Shot Concentrate

Our Liquid Gold Kratom Shot Concentrate is our most potent kratom shot by far.  This 1.5ml vial contains a staggering 24 grams of pure kratom leaves.  The primary effect of this strain is euphoria, which can provide a powerful lifting effect to the mood and make you feel completely giddy with joy.  It can also introduce a soothing effect on the muscles of the body.

K80 Kratom Shot

Our K80 Kratom Shot contains about 7-8 grams of pure kratom leaf, in the form of a 10ml liquid.  This particular kratom shot is great for managing physical discomfort of all kinds, thanks to its analgesic effects.  But, it can also have a balancing effect on mood that makes you feel at ease mentally.  Be aware that this shot is also incredibly potent.  It’s not as potent as our Liquid Gold, but it’s still very, very powerful, and we recommend just half of a 10ml bottle per serving.

MIT 45 Kratom Shot

Made with the Maeng Da strain, our MIT 45 Kratom Shot is the ultimate choice for those who could use a little help in the energy department.  If you’re feeling sluggish or foggy, this is the perfect option, since Maeng Da can make you feel exhilarated, motivated, focused and ready to move about your day.  It contains 45% pure kratom per 15ml bottle, which is a very potent concentration.  Many people say that this particular shot is the perfect alternative to a shot of espresso.

Blue Kratom Shot

Generally, our Blue Kratom Shot is a good choice for kratom beginners.  While it’s still highly potent, the effects are a bit more subtle in a way that can really help you get used to what this plant is capable of.  Blue Kratom Shot can mainly help in the energy department and is also known to have a more balancing effect on the body and mind rather than being highly stimulating or highly sedating.  Overall, it helps you get a nice feel for what the leaves can offer, and can bring about a general, all-over sense of ease.

Super K Kratom Shot

Our Super K Kratom Shot consists of various kratom strains that have been carefully and thoughtfully mixed together, to give you the full extent of what the species can do for body and mind.  Not too potent, but still extremely effective, it can both mellow out your mood and give you a subtle boost that can get you through a long and demanding day.

Choose Your Kratom Shot Wisely to Get Those Awesome Effects That You So Deserve

Kratom can be a gamechanger in your daily routine, and kratom shots are a phenomenal way to really get the properties of the plant into the body for maximum effectiveness.  At Gold Dust Kratom, we have a kratom shot for every need, whether you’re a beginner or an advanced kratom enthusiast.  Each shot can promote a different experience based on the strain that’s been used, as well as the concentration level of the actual kratom.  So, consider what it is that you want out of your kratom routine, and find the shot above that best matches your goals.