Calm Your Mind: What’s the Best Kratom Strain for Anxiety?

Calm Your Mind: What’s the Best Kratom for Anxiety?

Are you considering the benefits of kratom for your anxiety? You’re in the right place! Learn more about the best kratom for anxiety.

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Recent statistics show that 18 percent of the population suffers from some kind of anxiety disorder, and there are endless lists of different anxiety conditions.

If you struggle with chronic anxiety and nervousness, maybe you’ve tried therapy, prescription drugs, OTC’s, meditation, or other treatments with moderate, little, or no success.

Have you considered trying kratom for your anxiety?

Kratom, which is a leaf of the coffee family, is a popular treatment for pain. But, if you know the right strain to use, kratom can be an excellent remedy for your anxiousness as well.

Read more below to find out the best kratom for anxiety.


What Exactly Is Kratom?

Kratom comes from leaves of trees found in Southeast Asia and has been used medicinally in that part of the world for centuries. The dried tree leaves are usually ground into powder, to be taken in a tea.

The active ingredient in these leaves is mitragynine, which interacts with other brain receptors to help you relax, or, in other cases, to give you a boost of energy.

Kratom is becoming more mainstream as a viable alternative to drugs or alcohol for reducing anxiety and promoting relaxation.

However, there are many different strains of kratom produced today, and each produces different effects on the user.


Kratom Strains Explained:  Red, Green, and White

Kratom leaves are known by their colors:  red, green, and white. Within each color, there are various strains, usually labeled by the location where the leaves were grown.

Of the three colors, it is the RED strains that are best for relaxation purposes, while the white leaves are used as an energy-booster. The green strains lie somewhere between these two and can have both sedating and stimulating effects.


Best Kratom for Anxiety

MAENG-DA Red kratom is the go-to for those seeking a way to decompress, relax, and improve their sleep. Available as powder or capsules, this strain helps to reduce pain, which in turn reduces anxiety and allows for even more relaxation.

Other red vein types of kratom known to work for anxiety are Red Bali, and Red Borneo, both of which are known for their calming properties over other similar strains.

Elephant Red Kratom is another strain that is a little more potent so that the user has a decrease in anxiety while remaining alert for daytime tasks.

While red vein strains are the popular favorites for both relaxation and pain control, you might want to explore some of the green strains for daytime use as well.


Green Strains:  Less Anxiety, With a Boost

MALAY Green kratom provides a balance between too much sedation and excessive energy, making it a fine choice for daytime use by anxiety sufferers.

Both Green Bali and Green Indo strains are also recommended for this type of user.

Green MAENG-DA, like it’s red counterpart, is often a favorite with kratom fans if anxiety is your only issue, and you don’t need pain relief or sedation.

To keep from becoming too euphoric while using green kratom (or white, if you want,) it is important to know just the right dosage for your system and temperament.


How to Use Kratom

Kratom experts say that chewing the leaves right from the tree is the purest way to ingest kratom. Besides being somewhat impractical, the leaves are not particularly tasty and perhaps this method could be left to the hard-core kratom user.

For today’s more taste-conscious kratom consumer, powdered leaves can be made into teas or put in capsules.

Kratom teas have several benefits: the drinker can control the temperature of the beverage, hot, warm, or cold, and can add sweeteners or other flavorings to curb the tea’s bitter quality. a non-dot drug test can be used to ensure a safe workplace.The best reason for drinking tea made from kratom, however, is control of the dosage, which is helpful for new users.

Capsules are a very popular option for on-the-go kratom users due to their convenience. There is no bitter taste to deal with when using capsules either, which is a plus for many.

Also, kratom extracts, which are much more potent, liquified forms of kratom can be taken in capsule form, or as a “shot,” which delivers the dose quickly and without any mess or fuss.


Dosage Matters

Experienced kratom users have worked out what dosages to take, as increasing the dose too much or taking too little will produce unwanted results.

For the new user, it is best to start slowly, with a lower dose, only a couple of times a week. Too much green kratom might produce more anxiety at first, and too much red kratom will bring on excessive sleepiness.

Whatever form of kratom you use, build your tolerance over time. Overdoing the dosage of any kind of kratom can increase side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, or exhaustion, so watch for these effects, adjusting your dosage accordingly.

Keep in mind that kratom can take anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour to take effect, and some strains are quite long-acting, even up to 5 hours, so be patient while experimenting with dosage.


Calm Your Mind

Proponents of kratom are sold on the reduction of chronic, nervous anxiety in users, and some claim it is a viable alternative to opioids and other dependencies.

If you would like to give kratom a try, make sure you know what strain to purchase, and consider what forms of that strain will work best for you in your daily routine. Your kratom vendor can guide you in finding a strain that will meet your goals, as well as provide you with specific dosing advice.

Combined with deep breathing, meditation, exercise, and good eating habits, the addition of kratom to your regimen may help you curb your anxiousness while enhancing your production, your sleep, and your health in general.

Finding the best kratom for anxiety will be worth the effort, giving you a natural and safe remedy for life’s anxious moments.