Schedule Your Dental Exam Before the End of the Year so You Don’t Waste your Dental Benefits

As the year draws closer and closer to its end, many celebrations and much excitement come to mind. Many of us enjoy this time of year for the holidays, some for the smorgasbord of foods, and some for the beautiful winter weather. However, for as much joy and jolly that is spread around during this time, anxiousness and stress can also loom!

Let us be honest with ourselves, even after braces or invisible guards, perfectly straight teeth are no longer a first impression must. Like diamonds, we want our teeth to shine and ultimately get whiter teeth. Kennewick dentists‘ Whiter and brighter teeth on the other hand are what is desirable now, and easier attainable than you may have initially believed! That said, in today’s day and age of DIY-ing anything and everything, we want to review with you the ‘clear’ teeth whitening Do’s and the ‘please, please’ teeth whitening Don’ts.

So, what’s more, enjoyable than having a chuckle with ourselves and examine the silly things we’ve done or are doing now to try and whiten our teeth like we’re the modern-day MacGyver. First, however, we must get drop some scientific knowledge to truly understand what it is that makes our teeth appear whiter and conversely what then makes them turn murky and the eventual dreaded YELLOW CORNCOBS!

know all the different cosmetic options we have available to us. Good thing for you! The experts we have here at Southridge Dental can answer any questions you may have about cosmetic dentistry techniques and how they’re used to improve your smile.


Depending on the current and sometimes even the past conditions of our teeth will dictate what options we will really have to our disposal. This fact mixed in with what our desired dental outcome is, truly determines what procedure(s) dental professionals will use. Smile and structural teeth enhancement can have a dramatic result
on our overall appearance; even the smallest step can boost our  confidence, self-esteem, and make us actually WANT to smile MORE! Fortunately, due to the constant drive to become better dental professionals, modern advancements in cosmetic dentistry have unlocked unbelievable possibilities.