7 Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Kratom Vendor

Finding the right Kratom products requires knowing your options for vendors. Here are factors to consider before choosing a Kratom vendor.

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The American Kratom Association estimates that there are over 15 million Kratom users in the US alone! Kratom culture is growing rapidly in the West and the options for purchasing it are growing as well.

Not all Kratom vendors are created equally though! That is why we have put together this essential list of the 7 factors you must consider before choosing your next Kratom vendor.

Let’s get started!

1. Your Kratom Expertise

Kratom has been used for centuries in countries like Thailand, Malaysia, and Borneo, however, only in the last decade has it become popular in the West. Kratom enthusiasts are a quick study though, and they learn quickly what they like and don’t like concerning the botanical.

When choosing a Kratom vendor take into account how much experience you have with Kratom. A novice user might look for a vendor that has a starter pack or a variety pack that is good for beginners. On the other side of the coin, a seasoned Kratom user might look for vendors with a more expansive variety of Kratom and Kratom products like extracts.

2. How You Like Your Kratom

Originally, Kratom harvesters would pick the leaves on the Kratom tree and eat them raw for energy during the workday. Others would dry the leaves and brew them into a potent tea.

Now Kratom is most commonly found in a powder form, however, that is not the only way it is available. When searching for a vendor look for one that provides Kratom in a variety of different manners. Some different options include the following:

These are just a few of the options you should look out for when finding a Kratom purveyor. Keep in mind that there is no one right or wrong way to enjoy Kratom, everyone has there own preference!

3. Reviews and References

Kratom is a unique botanical with a lot of variety. Certain Veins and Strains affect people differently, and in most cases, users will leave reviews to let others in on what their experience was with a specific variety.

Additionally, reviews and references should be used to get an idea about a Kratom vendor’s business practices. Things like customer service, shipping cost, communication, etc. should not be overlooked when selecting a vendor.

4. Quality

Unfortunately, Kratom has gotten a bad rap in certain circles due to irresponsible purveyors and their inattentive business practices. If you do not purchase your Kratom from a reputable vendor you run the risk of having Kratom that has been contaminated with adulterants such as binders, fillers, or synthetic material.

responsible Kratom vendor will have a strong relationship with everyone involved in handling the Kratom you purchase. Quantity over quality is a risk you should never take when it comes to purchasing Kratom.

5. Varietal Preference

As we touched on earlier, Kratom is available in a wide variety of Strains and Veins. When searching for a Kratom vendor you might find that you are looking for a specific or rare strain.

Looking for Kratom vendors that offer a variety of Kratom options will mean that you will not be left empty-handed when searching for a varietal that you enjoy. Additionally, some vendors specialize in certain Veins such as Red, White, or Green. Finding the Kratom vendor that has a variety you enjoy will help you lock in deals for the Kratom you like best.

6. The Legality

When it comes to finding a Kratom vendor you must first do some research to understand legality in your area. While Kratom is not currently federally regulated there are at least 5 states and a few cities that have banned the botanical.

If there are not any in-store Kratom vendors in your area it could be a sign that Kratom is illegal where you live. Before you find an online Kratom vendor you should first make sure that Kratom is legal in your area to avoid any headaches down the line.

7. In-Store Versus Online

While the convenience of walking into a store and immediately walking out with Kratom cannot be overlooked, in the long run, buying online just makes more sense. Kratom vendors that sell online will have ample references and reviews so you can understand their products and their business model.

Additionally, many online Kratom vendors will offer deals for those who sign up as well as free shipping on orders. Furthermore, Kratom purveyors that sell online work with Kratom that is coming straight from the source, so they have a better understanding of the quality and standards that need to be in place.


Read as much as you can concerning Kratom before choosing a supplier. Be your own expert! Understanding the complexities of the botanical will give you the upper hand when making a final decision.

Know exactly what you are looking for before you purchase. Read blogs about different varieties and more to answer any questions that you might have about Kratom.

Choosing the Right Kratom Vendor

Choosing a Kratom vendor should not be taken lightly. The right vendor can make all the difference in the experience that you have with Kratom. Kratom is a wonderful botanical that has the potential to be a world-renowned holistic plant, however, the community must choose to purchase from responsible purveyors to see it succeed.


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