THCO Gummies Jolly Rancher  600mg Extract are slammed packed with Kratom clocking in at a potency of 200mg per pack of 10 Gummies. The strain used is Maeng-Da kratom. The most popular kratom on the market. We have managed to stuff 200mg of kratom into one delicious gummies. Which by our definition is the biggest kratom product on the market.

The flavor of our product is what makes our brand special. The flavor of THCO Gummies is mostly liked by people who like Mitragia. Or Kratom powders. We lab test all of our kratom for impurities. Do not take if you are nursing or pregnant. Do not use machinery until you know how kratom effects you.

What is THCO Gummies

First there was delta 9 THC, then delta 8 THC products hit the market, and if that wasn’t enough, we now have delta 10 THC.  With so many THC compounds floating around, it can be hard to believe that there is already another one that’s getting a lot of attention, seemingly out of nowhere: THC-O.  Short for THC-O-acetate, it’s a cannabinoid that is so different from the other three mentioned above that it’s easy to forget that it’s a cannabis derivative while in the middle of experiencing its unique effects.

This new THC-O compound is a precursor to Delta-8, which means it can be isolated and put into different THC-O products. These products include THC-O vape cartridges, THC-O disposables, and soon THCO gummies available. The interesting thing is that THCo is actually 3 times strong than regular Delta 9 THC. Yes, 300% stronger than regular THC. The first THCo products includes Our unique line of THC-O vape cartridges of 4 different terpene flavors.

THCO Gummies Effects

THC-O is about 3x as potent as delta 9 THC, you can expect this cannabinoid to get you, well, pretty high.  But, its psychoactive effects go beyond those associated with a typical THC high, such as feeling giggly, sleepy, and introspective.  THC-O is nicknamed “the spiritual cannabinoid” for a reason.  Unlike any other cannabinoid in cannabis, including both marijuana and hemp, THC-O-acetate produces a psychedelic experience, almost more similar to the intoxication associated with psilocybin.

It can take you on a “trip” in which you find yourself introspective on an entirely new level, and the few people who have actually taken THC-O over the years have said that this trip can be quite cathartic as they are able to confront their personal demons.  People even describe its effects as highly spiritual, and this could make it useful in controlled therapeutic environments in the future, should it become an accessible cannabinoid.