Devils Kratom Powder


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The use of Devils kratom Powder by the natives of Thailand was first documented in Western literature in 1836. It said that the natives would chew and swallow the leaves for energy. They would also dry it and smoke it for ceremonies. They will also put it in tea to consume its nutritious values.

Devil Kratom Powder was in wide use there long before the Dutch arrived to colonize and trade with the area. There is some dispute over when kratom was first brought to the USA for sale. The first records appear in about the year 2000, when Americans seeking a natural herb to help overcome the widespread habituation to synthetic opioids, such as Oxycodone, began widespread importation of the herb from Indonesia where it grows both wild and in cultivated plantations.

Kratom used for energy and sleep. But, another use for it is to help people with opioid addictions. Studies have concluded that kratom has helped people with the addiction to the substance. People who took it had better recovery from withdraw symptoms. They were also helped through the health benefits of the leaves.

  • 60 grams   Bottle
  • Multiple Strains

kratom Powder is derived from the leaf of a tree native to Southeast Asia.


Horned Sumatrin Green, Horned Thai Maengda, Horned White Indo, Red Bentuangie